Closing Services

Abstract Service Company is committed to making property transfers as simple as possible in order to facilitate the timely delivery of information. You can rely on our experienced professionals to assist you in the closing of your next real estate transaction.

The Closing Process steps:

  • Purchase Agreement is signed by all parties and delivered to ASC office.
  • Borrower obtains financing and lender will order Title Insurance, if applicable.
  • Title Commitment is commenced.
  • The Title Commitment is prepared and delivered to all parties required.
  • The closer will communicate with the seller’s agent, if any, and/or seller to obtain necessary information to meet the requirements of the Title Commitment.
  • Buyers & Sellers work closely with their agent, if any, to comply with requirements of the purchase agreement.
  • Closing date and time are scheduled. NOTE: If married, the spouse must attend the closing, or you must make other arrangements with the closing agent.
  • ASC prepares closing documents and submits to lender for approval of Final Settlement Statement. Once approved, buyer receives final costs of purchase and/or refi.
  • ASC conducts closing, disburses funds, and submits all documents to the county for recording.
  • Once recorded documents are returned from the county, ASC will issue the appropriate Title Insurance policy.

What should I bring to the closing appointment?

  • A valid photo ID
  • Social security number
  • Wired funds or official bank check for the amount specified on the most recent closing statement you received from your loan officer/lender and/or Closing Agent.
  • A checkbook, in case of other changes
  • Previous addresses for the last ten years.

How long will it take to close on my new home?
Generally, closings are completed in less than an hour.